European Alliance for Innovation Community program gives you the opportunity to gain recognition and have real impact. Present your ideas to a large audience, meet other professionals and specialists, brainstorm with experts and make a difference.

Partner up. Get feedback. Do business. Get recognized.


Become a part of the EAI Community

We are currently working on tools to provide you with an unparalleled summit experience. Contact us and be the first to know how you can participate.

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Meet the Speaker

Meet the Speaker program allows EAI Members to arrange private meetings with specific speakers. Potential partnerships can be built, cooperation established! 

Meet the Colleague

The summits are the best place to meet colleagues from all around the world. Share your ideas, come up with a new project, establish cooperation and exchange experiences. Our app will help you decide whom you might like to meet.

Birds of a Feather

The Birds of a Feather program allows EAI Members and summit participants to discuss topics during moderated round table discussions. We invite you to join your colleagues and renowned experts and apply for a seat at one of the sessions via our app.


Demos are the showcase of innovative excellence. Demo presenters will share their projects and open themselves to feedback from partners, innovators and potential investors, while your votes decide which demo will win a free booth.


Forecaster is a tool to aid decision makers with predicting the future state of the industry. It is a community platform for gathering predictions and feedback from the research community. The purpose of the project is to identify rising trends in a collaborative and participative process.